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What is a fire blanket?

A fire blanket mainly consists of a piece of fire -resistant fabric which is usually made of woven glass fiber that can be used to wrap around a person whose clothing is alight for a smother or a small fire.

A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish initial small fires. When a fire occur, Fire blanket is used in order to smother fire, which consists of a sheet of a fire resistant or retardant material . Fire blankets used in kitchens and home are small are usually made of fiberglass and Kevlar in some cases, and are folded into a quick-release contraption which helps in ease storage.

Fire blankets, along with fire extinguishers, are also used in case of a fire risk. These fire blankets are nonflammable which are helpful in smothering fires by not allowing any oxygen into the fire at temperatures up to 900 degrees. A fire blanket can be used for someone who has no knowledge about fire protection or in experienced with the fire protection methods and extinguishers


Operation of fire Blanket

For every fire to get start burning, all three elements of the fire triangle  that is heat, fuel and oxygen must be present. The fire blanket is used to reduce or-cut off the oxygen supply to the fire, thereby saving human from fire. The fire blanket must be sealed closely to a solid surface around the fire. Usually outside the packaging of a Fire blankets, have 2 pull down tails visible. The user should use this tails to remove blanket from the bag by placing one hand on each tag and pull down simultaneously. The tails in every fire blankets are located near the top of the fire blanket which will permit the top lip of the fire blanket to fold back over the civilian’s hand, protecting them from heat of fire and direct contact burns.


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