foam fire suppression system in Dubai

While looking to an effective fire suppression system,water is not always the best option for putting out the risk of fire. Foam fire suppression systems are important in many areas where water fire suppression and sprinkler systems does not work well to extinguish a fire. Highly flammable areas are always better served with a chemical foam system. So what is the best solution for your buildings to save you from these sorts of highly flammable substances? At Blue Flame Firefighting,we recommend foam fire suppression systems

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What is a Foam Fire Suppression System?

A Foam Fire Suppression System is used in firefighting to deliver fire suppressing foam for the purpose of extinguishing a fire or protecting un burned areas. Components of a foam fire suppression system include a water source, tanks, a centrifugal pump, foam concentrate, a direct- injection foam, a mixing chamber or device, proportioning system on the discharge side of the pump, a rotary air compressor and control systems to ensure the correct mixing of concentrate, water, and air. Foam fire suppression systems tend to move in a faster rate, spread longer and reduce flames faster when compared with water, while also preventing re-ignition of fire.

foam fire suppression system in Dubai

Working of foam Fire Suppression system

Foam fire suppression systems working starts by cutting off the fuel source from oxygen there by reducing the rate of combustion. Once the foam is ejected from fire system, foam can quickly expand up to 1000 times depending on the type of foam fire suppression system. High-expansion foams can expand at a rate varying from 200 – 1000 times. These foam fire suppression systems are ideal for large areas that need to be filled very quickly and effectively.

Where to Use a Foam Fire Suppression System in Dubai,UAE

Blue Flame Firefighting company in Dubai, UAE provides foam fire suppression system services in almost all sorts of environments. Some of them include:

  • Commercial kitchens
  • Airports, Refineries
  • Jet engine test facilities
  • Manufacturing plants that deal with flammable substances
  • Municipal fire departments
  • Marine facilities
  • Aircraft hangars
  • And more

If your Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi business fits this criteria,   to learn more about installing a foam fire suppression system. we are also doing supply and installation of foam fire suppression system in MENA Region such as Nigeria, Kenya,Tanzania,etc.

Our Foam Fire Suppression Services in Dubai

At Blue Flame Firefighting, we provide complete foam fire suppression system services, including:   

  • Repair& Maintenance: We make sure your foam suppression system is serviced annually to ensure that your fire system is in total working condition. Our professional engineers will reveal each and every small or large issues with the system and we will repair any problems that arise during our inspection.
  • Installation& Replacement:  Whether you are looking to install a new foam fire suppression system for the first time,or need to replace your currently working fire system, Blue Flame Fire fighting can help you. Each of our engineers and professionally trained technicians is highly experienced in foam suppression system and can answer any queries you may have during the installation process.
  • Testing: It is necessary to have a technical test or inspection on your foam fire suppression system professionally to ensure that fire system is effective and ready to operate whenever required. Our engineers can do this inspection with full swing speed and perfection
foam system in dubai

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The best thing about partnering with Blue Flame Fire Firefighting is that we are your complete solution for all fire protection services. Our experienced fire safety engineers and technicians specialize in every aspects of fire protection, including:

  • Fire suppression systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Contained gases
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • Andmore!

Are you located in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras AlKhaimah, Abu Dhabi and want to learn more? Call us today to speak with one of our experienced fire safety engineers and discover why business and the government organization consistently recommend Blue Flame Firefighting.

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